Win Consulting Queensland


WCQ’s extensive experience and uncompromising quality and safety standards have made us a trusted construction management partner of choice for both Local and State Government facilities, including: Fraser Coast Regional Council Community facilities and state-of-the-art Queensland Health and Education Queensland Assets.


A two-building project designed for the Youth
The Youth Precinct is now Hervey Bays first elegant housing for the youths to date that the State Government is rolling out. It took just under 10 months to complete this project, with the client adding several changes along the way to achieve such an outstanding building product upon completion. The end result is a fully functional yet eye pleasing building. The high ceilings throughout the centre create a sense of space and light, thus taking into consideration the Youth’s perception of a healthy atmosphere. Interesting characteristics such as the timber wall frame intercepting between the staff facilities and waiting area, divide both rooms while still giving the spacious homely feeling of the waiting area. The Youth Precinct a 2-building complex, with the front building being used for waiting areas, staff room, amenities, with career rooms and single bedroom inclusive of bathrooms for the younger Youths, the back building consists of a 2-storey building divided into 4 units, with fully functioning kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s and living spaces for the older Youths. Among the interior details, The Youth Precinct provides outdoor activities for the Youths, including a basketball hoop, skate ramp, backyard hang out areas, bike and kayak racks and communal gardening. Car park spaces provided for staff and careers including a fully wheelchair accessible park, with a fully enclosed perimeter fence concealed with an automatic gate. To manage the specific needs of this project, we worked extremely close to the client to provide all their needs, through the course of construction, majority was smooth sailing. Extra consideration and planning were needed to fulfill the outcome of this extortionary project.


As part of the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s (FCRC) Pialba Precinct improvement, Win Consulting Qld carried out an extensive renovation to the existing amenities block and stage area. This project not only included a complete transformation of the stage area, but also included some precise elements including timber finishes to the amenities entrance and stainless balustrade. A large 4.48m screen was installed on the south roofline to form part of the stage area. Commercial grade bathrooms including new wash basins and ambulant code stalls and rails were installed to finish the amenities to a high standard. All bathrooms and construction detail were carried out to meet up to date building code and OH&S standards for a public area.  As always Win Consulting Qld not only met FCRC expectations, but went above and beyond to create yet another model example of a construction project. 


The Orchid House in Hervey Bay is a Fraser Coast Regional Council asset open to the public as part of the Botanical Gardens. The work conducted by Win Consulting Qld (WCQ) included an extension of a paved covered area which leads onto a timber deck overlooking the gardens. WCQ also completed an extensive transformation of the existing orchid house including structural alterations and plumbing and drainage to accommodate the watering of the plants inside the covered area. New concrete floors, walls and gates were installed as part of the transformation. As always WCQ ensured the finished orchid house was held to an exemplary standard including the finishes to the paved areas, footpaths and the fine craftmanship with the use of timber to the deck and steel in the decorative panels. 


WCQ’s management of the renovation and redevelopment of this much-loved Local Government sporting and leisure centre in the historic heart of our region, has not only restored this valuable regional asset, it has brought its offerings up-to-date with the needs and wants of the residents and visitors to Maryborough and the Fraser Coast. 

WCQ managed the construction of a state-of the art Hydrotherapy/Learn to swim pool, Water Park and the refurbishment and replacement of the existing pools and office areas and have brought this 1950’s Fraser Coast Regional Council facility solidly into the 21st Century.